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Saturn transit in fourth house may cause needless tensions and may keep you agitated. Seventh house of the horoscope denotes marriage and marriage related matters. I mean to express, They come in this world, boost, Get professional, Complete their teenage life age and on getting mature; They get gotten married.

Saturn as the 7th lord in the 8th house also causes delay in life. I was told by my aunties wait until you are 20,25,30,35 am 45 and most stopped talking. Love and marriage is two big things in our life. I know im surrounded by witchcraft ive printed your prayers but too go thro this 2weeks before my wedding the day iv been excited too with excitement and that too has been taken away from me? Jupiter and Venus will conjunct in the Sign of Libra from 1st of sept to 11th of October Hii my name is Ananya Shaw I love a boy and want to be part of his life forever I want that he also love me truly ….

Dear Ananya, Always remember, the accuracy of the prediction will be depended on the basis of your birth details. If your birth details are not correct then the prediction may not match. According to your horoscope your lagna is Aquarius and 7th lord is sun which is sitting in 10th house with Mercury, and Ketu. Thus in your love life some depressing moments will definitely bother you frequently.

First of all you will face some problems at the starting of the relationship, in maximum times affairs can be one sided, but if you can still keep patience then there will be a chance to get closer to him. But through horary astrology that can be covered up, but that comes under Phone Astrology Consultation which is a paid consultation…Anyways, You have love marriage yoga in your horoscope, but you will be facing a lot of problems prior to that. Some astrological remedies can resolve those problems….

Dear Chandan, Your case is really interesting and heart breaking too. Love gives us a kind of flavor that nothing can give, and that love happens with the special person too, and when that special person goes away life seems to be meaningless. But always remember, it seems to be meaningless but not really.

Every person has his or her own flavor and aroma too. In relationship we miss that only after break up or when the person is away from us. As long as we are not getting the similar flavor or aroma from someone we cannot forget that person. The same is applied in your case also. Here I need to judge both of your horoscope to give you the actual picture of your relationship status. Because energy come both ways , not one way only.

In such serious cases both horoscope should be judged, especially when there was a past connection or deep bonding and still the connection is there one sided apparently. Sorry to say that to judge both of your horoscopes or kundli side by side are not possible in your case because you are unable to give me her complete birth details. In these type of cases I take the help of Horary Astrology and Numerology both to give prediction. But as it is free consultation so I cannot use that here also. Only I can wish you all the best…God bless you…. Sir my name is Kavya.

My dob is January 26 , time 2. Kindly tell me tis soon. Am in love with a boy.. Sir pls say will this b successful in marriage and do I have any problems in facing in my marriage matter tat will my parents accept tis easily.. Do my love marriage will b successful. Hi I am ritaparna Das. My date of birth is 2nd March , time My love relationship became broken.

Marriage and Love timing in astrology. Transits, progressions and other ways to see love.

I love him so much. I want to back him in my life forever. He is 2 year junior from me. Our 9 year old relationship.

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Predicting Love With Your Birth Chart

His DoB 5th November , time I think so. Please help me bring him back. I am in love with a boy who belongs to telugu naidu caste and I belongs to SC.. So their parents are very stubborn and not accepting our love.. Please give some advice about our marriage.. Our marriage is possible or not? And when we will get married.. So now he even not ready to ask his parents.. But I really wanna get married to him only.. I have Mars 8 degree in Scorpio on my 5th H.

Astrology Topics: predicting love relationships & marriage

I have Jupiter 26 degree and Ketu 0 degree in Virgo 3rd H. Right now i am in my Mars Mahadasa and Jupiter Antardasa. Yes dear, I understood the planetary position of your horoscope, but you did not mention your question…. Sorry Sir. I am wondering how these planets natal or transit affects lovelife relationships. I got divorced and relationships usually ends even if it;s been a long time. Or is there anything you can say about my natal or transit position of my planets.

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Thank you very much. Hlo sir.

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I am not getting proper answer that i am getting love marriage or arrange…and i want to marry with my love but my parents are not ready for this…in which month i will marry and this love marriage is successful or not…. Wearing an Opal in right hand index from last week Mars Mahadasha is starting in November. How will it be. Kindly check when marriage will happen?

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Love or arranged? I stumbled upon your very informative web site. Which I have been reading for the past 4 hours, especially areas regarding love relationships and financial security. My DOB is 6th September My TOB is am. I will like you to confirm my time of birth if that is possible. I have been having a tremendous amount of challenges in the areas of love relationship and finance.

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