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Observadora, meticulosa, seria y callada. No es como nadie que hayas conocido anteriormente: es misteriosa e imprevisible. Una mujer Inteligente, preparada y bella, que desde muy corta edad fue siempre instruida y formada para ser todo lo que una mujer joven de la alta sociedad se esperaba que fuese. Es justa y leal por sobre todas las cosas.

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Misteriosa, callada. Sabe cuidarse sola y tomar sus propias decisiones.

Originally posted by parfaitdesordre. Sun in Gemini: She can seemingly blend into any crowd she chooses. Moon in Pisces: Incredibly impressionable. Kindness can grip her completely at times no matter how distant she tries to be.

Synonyms and antonyms of aries in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms

Passive-aggressiveness is her ultimate weapon. Some of her actions are tricky enough to bring about violent action, but her natural charm prevents it. Has trouble standing up for herself. Originally posted by gurl. Never turns down a dare. Always crushing on someone two grades ahead of them. Really wants to play Spin the Bottle. Better at flirting than anyone should be at their age.

Secretly angry that school dances are deeply unromantic.

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Gets way more credit than they should on group projects. On a first name basis with the school librarian. Shamelessly flirts with others in study hall to get out of doing homework and considers this a fair trade of goods and services. Really wants to fit in with the people who work at Hot Topic. Has been crushing on the same person for three years but will continue to lie to their friends about this during Truth or Dare until junior year of high school. The only one the teacher trusts enough to take messages to the office. Never gets caught passing notes.

Technically in seven separate clubs but never goes to any of the meetings.

Compatibilidad Aries y Piscis

Always takes the long way to the water fountain. Jupiter and Saturn play the role of two protectors, two large deities to determine the course of fate and connect us to the Universe itself. Transition of Mars to Pisces following its Aquarian battles for freedom, gives us a breath of magic and reminds us that we are here to create wonders. In turn, Scorpio needs the loyalty and practicality inherent in Virgo. Scorpio emotionally hides in their shell, but when the pressure becomes too intense, suddenly explodes. Their mutual need for emotional security fosters extreme loyalty to one another. But while Virgo is simplistic, with everything laid bare on the surface, Scorpio is more concerned with the undercurrents of life. Scorpio can show Virgo life beyond the literal surface, and Virgo is attentive enough to pick up on this hidden conversation. Virgo can teach Scorpio the facts and that they are sometimes quite literal and can be dismissed at face value.

Once they have a common goal, nothing can get in the way of their love. When an argument arises, Virgo is adaptable enough to take a step backward and not allow a fight to take place.

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Scorpio often gets its way due to a stubborn streak. Compatibilidad Virgo y Sagitario: Juntos pueden lograr una pareja agradable. El es alegre, entusiasta, generoso y liberal.

Ante todo es tranquilo, afectuoso y leal. Compatibilidad Virgo y Capricornio: En Virgo encuentra una persona laboriosa, conservadora, amable y muy respetuosa. Por otra parte, ambos son comprensivos y serviciales. Compatibilidad Virgo y Acuario: Acuario adora planificar actividades fuera de su casa, mientras que Virgo goza de la calma y tranquilidad de su hogar.

A los acuarianos no les es sencillo demostrar lo que sienten y relacionarse apasionadamente. Virgo es muy maduro, centrado, hacendoso, precavido, atento y muy organizado. Virgo intenta solucionar las cosas razonando prudentemente. Compatibilidad Virgo y Piscis: Encontramos en Virgo una persona trabajadora, atenta, ahorrativa, generosa y muy organizada.

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La honestidad y la virtud de estos dos signos les abren camino en la sociedad, pues son muy queridos, reconocidos y amistosos. Los de Virgo se vuelven locos en cuanto a sexo se trata. Los virgos consiguen sexo con sus cualidades de gracias y modestia. A la mujer virgo le gusta que el hombre sea considerado y paciente.

El horóscopo chino y su correspondencia con los signos occidentales

Al hombre virgo le gusta que las mujeres sean directas y que den el primer paso, que el usualmente no da, pero cuando lo hace hay que estar preparados para un derroche de placer.