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First of all, thanks to Jupiter's support for almost the whole year, you can decide to go and live in a new house, you can buy a new house or choose the date of your wedding. If you are already married then it is very likely the arrival of a new baby in your family or a great joy coming from a relative like a brother, a sister, a parent. The first part of the year is much better than the second part that from June sees the planet Mars very aggressive and that can bring some quarrels in the family but if the relationship of love is very stable you do not have to fear any collapse.

Many projects to do together with the person you love and many things you can do thanks to your support and support of your family. If you are lonely hearts and you have not yet found your soul mate, then destiny can make you meet a very mature person, not very superficial but certainly with great qualities that will make the days and months really very beautiful. During this year you no longer want to have only sexual and unimportant adventures but you want to have a much more concrete love relationship.

*)* Scorpio - June 6, 2013 - Soul Horoscopes - Orbits Edition - w/ Christopher Witecki

The level of charm and magnetism increases and from June will be at truly exceptional levels but you do not have to base your relationship only on sex, which will still be an important element to consolidate the union between you and the person of the heart. Job - career - money Scorpio excellent period also at the working level and these months will be able to flow with such simplicity but above all with really exceptional results also at the economic level. Your professional life is about to progress very sharply and you can really accomplish many projects you have worked on in the past and for a long time.

If you are young and looking for a good job, then do interviews, send your resume and do not stay locked up at home with the hope that someone will call you to offer you a job. You have to act and exploit the influences of Jupiter and Saturn in this way without waiting behind the door but knocking and asking for help even to very important friends.

If you are thinking of moving to a new city or thinking about working with a new person, then all of these things are very positive and you may be lucky in the second half of the year with your wallet becoming much bigger. But the first six months are crucial to designing your business future. If you are a student you can pass exams also very difficult and with great satisfaction and many of you can graduate or graduate very easily entering the world of work very soon. Also from January to March contracts, agreements, commercial offers and the possibility of investing money by buying a new house, a new tool for your work, a new car.

All the economic investments you make during these months are destined to succeed. But you must absolutely act without being hesitant because everything you start now will become very stable thanks to the support of Saturn, but definitely goes away in December. Even if there are very few expenses, you can easily react and consolidate your wallet by increasing the money in the bank.

Luck - fitness Scorpio when someone talks about astrology and luck, he obviously refers to the planet Jupiter and you are thinking that finally this planet is with you with a very powerful sextile that favors the arrival of very important situations in your social and professional life but also sentimental. But this time not only does Jupiter support your life but also Saturn, which therefore gives stability and a very lasting fortune. Even if a little money could come from some winnings to the game, luck can hide behind a legal solution, behind a bureaucratic problem that you could not solve easily but that during the first part of the year will find a quick and definitive solution.

From January to March also on a physical level you will be very strong and efficient and you can do gym, run, walk, make long trips in the mountains or in different cities from the one in which you live now. During a trip you can meet a person who will become very useful for the job and also a person who will light up your enthusiasm on an erotic level with emotions to experience. Mars from June can however bring a lot of nervousness and we must be careful not to fight, especially for economic situations and for family situations.

This excessive energy can also create some domestic accident or driving the car, so you have to be very careful without exaggerating because you are still men and you are not invincible. During the first six months you can find a valid cure for a health problem thanks to a good doctor you can get to know.

Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here. And Things Are Looking Good, Scorpio.

The optimism grows and can also lead to weight gain and therefore be very careful and not exaggerated with food and alcohol but especially with smoking because the astrological experience teaches that when planets like Jupiter and Saturn are so positive we can relax too. Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: this here is not a beautiful configuration and especially the first part of the year is quite negative in the job with few opportunities to gain and success while after June the energies and creativity come back to be important even if the nervousness and the quarrels increase in love.

Taurus: excellent configuration that allows you to live a year full of professional and economic satisfaction with an important and necessary renewal in various areas of your life and also in love. The first three months are essential to create new professional projects that will lead to success.

Gemini: obviously Jupiter and Saturn are not your allies but not even enemies and when a situation like this happens, the best thing to do is to manage life in a calm way without exaggerating and without creating unnecessary sentimental and work complications. The second part of the year is full of new life energies. Cancer: unfortunately at this moment it is not easy to manage your life and throughout the year it becomes very complicated with Jupiter and Saturn in opposition to the ascendant that cause difficulties even on a sentimental level but above all on a physical level. Illusions and traps to avoid.

Leo: during these months you must remain calm and above all when Saturn will go in opposition to your sky even if for a short time. It's not a great year on a sentimental and professional level and money can be little in your pocket but Mars from June will bring a lot of creativity and new energy.

Virgo: excellent astrological configuration that allows you to live a really excellent working and sentimental season with many opportunities to meet new people and to conclude agreements and contracts. Fitness improves and you are really full of good energy and optimism. Libra: on a mental level it could be difficult to return to being efficient and calm after having lived a fairly positive last year.

Now you really have to suffer at work, lose opportunities and live continuous quarrels in love but the wheel will turn even better for you very soon even if from June Mars in opposition disturbs a lot. Scorpio: sky not very interesting and without very favorable news. Exuberant integrity over formulaic kindness? I trust you are long past the time of fantasizing you can live without any rules. Your challenge now is to adjust some of the rules you have been living by, or even dare to align yourself with some new rules—and then completely commit yourself to being loyal to them and enjoying them.

Given the astrological omens that will symbolize your personal story in the coming weeks and months, I think Piscean author Nikos Kazantzakis articulated the perfect prescription for you. I invite you to interpret his thoughts to fit your circumstances. And after that, after we finish the big things, we shall undertake the impossible.

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Here are examples of activities I recommend you try in the coming days: 1. Build a campfire on the beach with friends and regale each other with stories of your most interesting successes. Buy eccentric treasures at a flea market and ever thereafter refer to them as your holy icons.

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Climb a hill and sit on the grass as you sing your favourite songs and watch the moon slowly rise over the eastern horizon. Take naps when you're "not supposed to. Sneak into an orchard at night and eat fruit plucked just moments before.

Tell a beloved person a fairy tale in which he or she is the hero. The hardiest creature on the planet may be the bacterium known as Deinococcus radiodurans. It can endure exposure to radiation, intense cold, dehydration, acid and vacuum. I propose we make it your power creature for the coming weeks. Not because I expect you'll have to deal with a lot of extreme conditions, but rather because I think you'll be exceptionally robust, both physically and psychologically. If you've been waiting for the right time to succeed at demanding challenges that require you to be in top form, now is a good time to do it.

PS: Deinococcus radiodurans is colloquially referred to as Conan the Bacterium, borrowing from the spirit of the fictional character Conan the Barbarian, who is renowned for his strength and agility. In the yearly cycle of many Geminis, retreating into a state akin to hibernation makes sense during the end of August and the first three weeks of September.

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But since many of you are high-energy sophisticates, you often override your body's signals. Then nature pushes back by compelling you to slow down.

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  4. The result may be a rhythm that feels like constantly taking three steps forward and two steps backward. May I suggest a different approach this year? Would you consider surrendering, even slightly, to the invitation to relax and recharge?

    January 23–29

    If you decide to travel to a particular place via hot air balloon, you must be prepared for the possibility that your route will be indirect. At different altitudes, the wind may be blowing in different directions: toward the east at a hundred feet high, but toward the southwest at feet. The trick for the pilot is to jockey up and down until finding a layer that's headed toward the desired destination. I see your life right now as having a metaphorical resemblance to this riddle. You have not yet discovered the layer that will take you where you want to go. But I bet you will soon. Considering how bright you have burned since the Flame Angels designated you the Hottest Cool Person of the Month, I hesitate to urge you to simmer down.

    But I must. Before there's a meltdown in your vicinity, please lower your thermostat. Not a lot. Just a little. If you do, everyone will continue to see your gleaming charisma in the best possible light.

    Ugliness in astrology

    But don't you dare extinguish your blaze. Don't apologize for your brilliant shimmer. The rest of us need your magical radiance.

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